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  1. ESTABLISHMENT OF BRANCHES ABROAD: LAH membership is predominantly students. Invariably some of them move out of the country at the end of their schooling. We end up reluctantly and painfully parting with well-trained vision oriented dynamic young members. Branches Abroad are suppose to make such young ones mobilise Gambians and friends of The Gambia around them, raise funds annually, defy distance and contribute to a course they were and are still a part of. UK, US and Germany are the first targets for Branches. However, interested Gambians elsewhere may contact us and start a branch. We can build Gambia better when we work together.
  2. STUDENT NATURE TOURISM: is designed to create responsible Travel that preserves nature and the well being of local people visited. It will include visits to historical and cultural places in the country. This will enhance greater appreciation for the country and her people by the young exposed people. The objective is to create a unit in LAH to serve as tour. Agent for schools and clubs with the intention to organise excursions within the country and possibly beyond by road. This shall be done in collaboration with GPTC.
  3. FUNDRAISING RADIO & TV QUIZ: Our expertise in Quiz Programmes must contribute to making LAH economically viable as well. In collaboration with Radio and TV Managers we contact companies, institutions/establishments to sponsor such programmes. The sponsors get advertisement in return. The managers cash for their airtime and LAH much needed funds for our Students Aid Fund (SAF). The Quiz participants are mostly student members of LAH. We provide the Questions and most of the logistics.
  4. OUR HOMEMADE GREETING CARDS: are designed and made by members and financed by LAH. We do not go from office to office simply requesting for donations. However, we go round selling our Home-made Cards. Thus maintaining our marketing strategy of having something to offer as dictated by our Principle Number 4. "Stop not at receiving. What are you doing in return?"
  5. OUR PRACTICAL COUNSELLING UNIT: aims at providing a great deal of our members with tips on effective counselling and a practical approach to counselling. It is designed to enable the Trained Youth Counsellors have access not only to young people that approach them but also help them reach out to those they feel need help within and outside LAH.
  6. BOOKSHOP: Making LAH economically viable is our ultimate dream. Sustainable income generating enterprises is the absolute answer. The creation of employment opportunities for members within LAHS. A Bookshop providing secretarial services is the ideal enterprise for LAH for a start. The first phase will concentrate on the nitty-gritty of funding and other projects will be taken up at opportune times.
  7. STUDENTS SAVINGS SCHEME: In line with our attitude building component, here we focus the attention of young ones entrusted to us to the importance of saving extra money for future use. We have in this light come up with a Students Savings Scheme in which young people are the shareholders, depositors and clerks. We give them a true picture of banking concept through practical experience. It enables them buy certain necessary commodities from money saved without bordering parents/guardians.


Without any fear of exaggeration, LAH is but a well-loved and exemplary society in The Gambia right across the board with particular emphasis on Young People.

But as a voluntary organisation, so many of our programmes are to a great extent cost free. However, most of our locally raised funds from youth activities such as talent shows, Super-Saturdays, etc are eaten up by our scholarship programme, the S A F, rental and operational cost of our Centre at Kanifing in particular and the Society in general.


Our immediate challenge is to build up our capacity in order to diversify our funding avenues and thereby enhancing our potential to be locally sustainable. This is where we think lending us A Hand will help us keep more brothers and sisters in class as well as contribute positively towards the holistic development and behavioural change of young people within our reach and sphere of influence. We touch and transform the lives of many young people. Help us do more of that. Defy distance and act now. Your helping hand can and will mould/repair and build a leader in the making. Thank you in advance for lending us a hand.


LEND A HAND SOCIETY is maintained by our Board of Governors, Secretariat and Sub Groups in schools.