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Networking with Youth Organisations:

We have established co-operative links with the following Youth Organisations:

  • Bakau Youth Association for Children’s Welfare (BAYCAW)
  • Kanifing East Youth Development Society (KEYDS)
  • Youth Association for Advancement (YAA)
  • BAFROW Youth Advocacy
  • The Association of Youths Against Malaria (TAYAM)
  • Red Cross Youth Wing.

LAH spearheaded the creation of a youth network called The Youth Collaboration (YC). All the above-mentioned Youth Organisations, with the exception of TAYAM, are part of this network.

Other Co-operation Partners:

  • Pope John Paul Sahel Fund

Donors of our Pentium Computer, a Television Set, Video Recorder, Photocopier, Filing Cabinet and 75 Plastic Chairs for activities at our Centre.

  • Gambian Association in Italy

They provided us with five second hand computers to train our members in basic computer skills.

  • Rotary Club of Banjul

Sponsored two girls through LAH because our SAF could not accommodate them at the time. The cases of the girls was revealed to them when they invited our National Executive Co-ordinator (NEC) to talk to them about LAH.

  • Department of State for Education

Since LAH is over 80% students, the Department of State for Education is our line Ministry.

  • UNDP

We helped to design and implement the programme for the celebration of Poverty Eradication Day in Janjangbureh (Central River Division CRD) with the help of some of our Sub-Groups in the Provinces last October 1998.



We participated in the 1998 Day of the African Child Celebration. This time round UNICEF has invited us to play a leading role in the organisation for the 1999 Celebration.