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These principles form the basis of the Attitude Building component of our Mandate. They are:

  1. Let the streets be littered but not by me
  2. Let there be late comers but not me.
  3. Let there be noise during deliberations ,speeches, etc, when silence is most needed, let it not come from me
  4. Stop not at receiving! What are you doing in return?
  5. "What have I done for Lend A Hand Society today?"

The LEND A HAND SOCIETY (LAHS) adopts a holistic approach to development of the young people entrusted to us, and the society we selflessly serve. It is our fervent belief that self confidence is a fundamental requirement for the attainment of set goals and life objectives. We create the enabling atmosphere to help young people develop this by themselves.

Our programmes are designed to satisfy such a holistic approach of building the capacity of our members. Thereby contributing to the advancement of the Gambian society at large.

Workshops on Public Speaking, Organisational Skills, Concepts of LAH and Leadership Qualities among others are regularly organised. Our intellectual and educational programmes include Symposia, Panel Discussions, Radio & Television Programmes as well as classes for young people who need them at our centre during the academic year and an annual five-week Summer School as well. Quiz Competitions with a Winner’s Title of "Brain of..." Lower Basic/Primary or Upper Basic/Junior Secondary or Senior Schools are also organised.

A countrywide coverage to affect both rural and urban children has been our ultimate goal from inception. Seemingly this dream is gradually becoming a reality. We have over thirty sub-groups in over thirty secondary schools in Upper River Division, Central River Division, Western Division and the Greater Banjul Area. A pilot programme to introduce LAHS in Primary/Lower Basic schools in the Greater Banjul Area is also bearing fruits.